Our Mission

As the first company to specialize in dental benefits, we are passionate about oral health and its importance to future generations. Our core purpose is the advancement of oral health care to our customers, partners and consumers through the dental benefits programs and philanthropic efforts of our 39 independent member companies.

Who We Are

As the largest and most experienced dental benefits provider in the U.S., Delta Dental is the perfect partner in helping Americans achieve optimal overall health.


Oral Health Is A Critical Component Of Overall Health.

Research shows good oral health has a positive effect on overall health and well-being. Having a healthy smile improves social interaction, communication, and the ability to perform well in work and school.


Delta Dental Is The Perfect Partner In Helping Americans Achieve Optimal Overall Health.

Optimal oral care is critical to overall health and well-being and requires specialized expertise from benefits providers as well as clinical professionals. It’s been our priority for over 60 years.


Americans Care About Dental Benefits.

90 percent of Americans view dental benefits as either a welcome part or critical part of the public debates around health care legislation.

Tech Giants Pledge to Ease Patient, Provider Access to Health Data

Major tech companies committed Monday to removing technological barriers that have hindered patient and provider access to health-care data online.

At a Trump administration event focused on developing more health-care apps, companies including Amazon.com Inc., Alphabet Inc. unit Google and Microsoft Corp. said they would “share the common quest to unlock the potential in health care data, to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.”

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Americans Still Wish They Saw Their Dentist More

For a second year, dentists top list of health practitioners Americans do not see as often as they would like

OAK BROOK, Illinois – March 20, 2018 – Americans are still not seeing their dentist as much as they would like. For a second year, dentists topped the list of health practitioners Americans want to see more often, according to a survey from Delta Dental. According to the survey, 42 percent of Americans don’t see a dentist as often as they would like, beating out their primary care doctor (29 percent), dermatologist (23 percent) and the ophthalmologist (17 percent).

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