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VIDEO: The Power Of A Healthy Smile

Two dental trucks, 81 communities, and care for over 35,000 kids in South Dakota. This video is just one example of how Delta Dental is expanding access to dental care in communities across the country and helping Americans achieve a healthy smile....

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Charleston Post & Courier: Letter: Dental Health

The political climate in Washington is tense right now — especially when it comes to health care. However, some issues shouldn’t be controversial, like the future of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). For nearly 20 years, CHIP has provided comprehensive...

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The Daily Sentinel: Get thee to a dentist

By The Daily Sentinel An apple day may not keep the doctor away if taking a bite out of that apple results in bleeding gums. Connections between oral health and overall health “are quite staggering,” says Helen Drexler, the chief executive officer for Delta Dental of...

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