What We Stand For

In our efforts to ensure that every American can enjoy a healthy smile, Delta Dental remains committed to:

  • Expanding access to oral health care
  • Leveraging our dental benefits expertise to provide access to the highest quality care
  • Providing dependable service that responds quickly to the needs of our customers
  • Ensuring access to the most extensive network of dentists in the country
  • Keeping dental benefits affordable through customer-centric cost control measures
  • Offering all the innovation, service and multi-state networks of a national dental benefits carrier
  • Understanding the unique oral health challenges and needs of your community
  • Utilizing the tools and technology that make it easy to do business with us
  • Advancing oral health by giving back to the communities we serve

As the largest and most experienced dental benefits provider in the U.S., Delta Dental is the perfect partner in helping Americans achieve optimal overall health.

With oral care as our only priority, we believe in providing customers with service, tools, and resources that help individuals be proactive, informed healthcare consumers to achieve better oral health and manage their costs.


Through our 39 member companies, we provide dental benefits to over 75 million Americans, and work to offer customized plans and innovative care that meet the unique needs of local markets.


Knowing that oral health is critical to overall health and well-being, we believe Americans should have coverage that provides expertise from dental benefits providers as well as clinical professionals in order to get the optimal oral care they need.